Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo
Status Full-Time Faculty
Name Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo
Email yulinglo@asia.edu.tw
Job title Assistant Professor
Office M605
Extention number 1931
Ph. D.
The University of Texas at Austin
1. Educational Research Methodology
2. Introduction to Special Education
3. Learning Disabilities Research
4. Curriculum Design for Student with Special Needs
5. Single-subject Research Method
Websites https://research.asia.edu.tw/TchEportfolio/index_1/106100118
Office Hours Friday, 8:00-12:00
Year Paper Title
2020 Tsai, M-H.(Tsai, M-H.)、Huang, S-R,(Huang, S-R,)、 Chang, S-C,( Chang, S-C,)、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、Lu, Y-C.(Lu, Y-C.), Improving the concentration of students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Electroencephalographic analysis on the effect of learning activity interventions, International Journal of Intelligent Technologies and Applied Statistics, vol.13 no.1 pp.51-65
2020 Ciullo, S(Ciullo, S)、Colline, A(Colline, A)、Wissinger, D(Wissinger, D)、McKenna, J.(McKenna, J. W.)、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、Osmen, D.(Osmen, D.), Students with learning disabilities in the social studies: A meta-analysis of intervention research. Exceptional Children, EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN
2016 朱思穎(Szu-Yin Chu)*、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo), Taiwanese families’ perspectives on learning disabilities: an exploratory study in three middle schools, Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs, vol.16 no.2 pp.77-88
2016 Ciullo, S.(Ciullo, S.)*、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、Reed. D(Reed. D), A Synthesis of Research on Informational Text Reading Interventions for Elementary Students with Learning Disabilities, JOURNAL OF LEARNING DISABILITIES, vol.49 no.3 pp.257-271
2014 Lan, Y. C.(Lan, Y. C.)*、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、Hsu, Y. S.(Hsu, Y. S.), The effects of meta-cognitive instruction on students’ reading comprehension in computerized reading contexts: A quantitative meta-analysis, EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY & SOCIETY, vol.17 no.4 pp.186-202
Paper Title
羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、黃意婷(Hung, Yi-Ting), Assessing Preschool children’s oral retell with an retell quality scoring rubric: an expository study , 2020 ICEL International Conference on Education and Learning, Kyoto, Japan
羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、林妮燕(Ni-Yen Lin)、卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo), Together and better: How a family went through education stages with three children with ADD, ADHD, and learning disabilities , 2019 Global Conference for Educational Research, Sarasota, FL.
孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、Artaria, M. D,、陳貽照(Yi-Chao Chen)、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo)、Chung-Ta Yang、Ee Kean Tan, Special Education: Impact of Social Interaction With Service Robots in the Students With Visual Impairment Under the Different Demographic Factors , 2019 Global Conference for Educational Research, Sarasota, FL.
卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo)、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、林妮燕(Ni-Yen Lin)、Chung-Ta Yang, Story Theater of “New Pinocchio” in Chinese Language Learning , An Action Research , Sarasota, FL.
羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、林依儒、許芳瑀、陳冠締、陳愛嫣、廖佳儀, 文化美感的實踐:以美國中文學校暑期班的中華文化教學為例 , 2019幼兒美感藝術教育國際學術研討會, 中華民國/台灣/台中市霧峰區
Alyson Collins、Stephen Ciullo、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、John McKenna, Evidence, Based Practices for Improving Social Studies Knowledge , Indianapolis, IN, USA
羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、洪儷瑜, 磨課師於?中資源教室數學教學之探討 , 2018「邁向教育4.0, 中華民國/台灣/台北市
羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、江欣柏、蔡明學, 提升注意力缺陷不足過動症學童學習專注力:以腦波儀分析學習活動介入效果 , 2016「我們的教育、我們的未來」國際學術研討會, 國家教育研究院
羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、Linan-Thompson, S., Effects of Description Text Structure Instruction on Third Grade Students with Learning Disabilities. , 2015 Council for Exceptional Children Convention and Expo, San Diego, CA, USA
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 43U00291B 幼兒園教學實習(1) 110
大學日間部 43U00209A 嬰幼兒說話訓練 110
大學日間部 43U00079B 教育心理學 110
大學日間部 43U00196B 特殊幼兒教育 110
大學日間部 43U00079A 教育心理學 110
大學日間部 43U00251A 教育研究法 110
研究所碩士班 LE200002A 教育研究法 110
大學日間部 43U00079B 教育心理學 110
大學日間部 XDU00175A 兒童美語繪本教學 109
大學日間部 43U00292B 幼兒園教學實習(2) 109
大學日間部 43U00288B 學輔時間(三) 109
大學日間部 43U00190A 兒童早期讀寫發展 109
大學日間部 43U00082B 教育研究法 109
大學日間部 43U00082A 教育研究法 109