Ya-Wen Cheng
Status Full-Time Faculty
Name Ya-Wen Cheng
Email yawencheng@asia.edu.tw
Job title Assistant Professor
Office M644
Extention number 1952
Department of Information Management
National Sun Yat-sen University
Taiwan, R.O.C.
1. Developing and Designing Educational Robots and IoT-based Toys
2. Theories of Educational Robots
3. Game-based Learning
Websites https://research.asia.edu.tw/TchEportfolio/index_1/yawencheng
Paper Title
鄭雅文(Ya-Wen Cheng)、Yuping Wang、Nian-Shing Chen, The effect of learning support facilitated by robots and IoT, based toys on children’s language learning , Taiwan, Taipei
Yueh-hui Vanessa Chiang、Yu-Jie Zheng、鄭雅文(Ya-Wen Cheng)、Nian-Shing Chen, Analyzing learners’ English learning process involving educational robots and IoT, based toys through the lens of zone of proximal development , Estonia, Tartu
Ya-Fei Yang、鄭雅文(Ya-Wen Cheng)、Ming-Rong Liang、Nian-Shing Chen, Developing and integrated system of robots and toys with internet of things for children’s language development , 27th International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCCE 2019), Taiwab, Kending
Yueh-hui Vanessa Chiang、Yu-Jie Zheng、鄭雅文(Ya-Wen Cheng)、Nian-Shing Chen, A Preliminary Analysis of Learners' Social Behavioral Cues When Interacting with Language Learning Robots and IoT Based Toys. , 2019 8th International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics (IIAI, Toyama, Japan
鄭雅文(Ya-Wen Cheng)、Yuping Wang、Nian-Shing Chen, A framework for designing an immersive language learning environment integrated with educational robots and IoT, based toys , USA, Texas
Zhi-Kwan Yang、鄭雅文(Ya-Wen Cheng)、Nian-Shing Chen, Developing an integrated system of robot and IoT toys for toddlers aged 24, 30 months to acquire multiple native languages , USA, Kansas city
鄭雅文(Ya-Wen Cheng)、Pei-Chen Sun、Nian-Shing Chen, An investigation of the needs on educational robots , 2017 IEEE 17th International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT), Romania, Timisoara
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 43U00233A 幼兒教學媒體製作與應用 110
大學日間部 43U00177A 幼兒動畫繪本製作 110
大學日間部 43U00290A 幼兒數學與科學之探索與遊戲 110
大學日間部 43U00079A 教育心理學 110
大學日間部 43U00079B 教育心理學 110