2017 International Conference on Arts Education for Young Children

  • 2017-03-15
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The Department of Early Childhood Education held the 2017 International Conference on Arts Education for Young Children on March 7th. Two scholars were invited from the Netherlands and Indonesia to be our keynote speakers. 
Dr. Michel Hogenes is the lecturer at the teacher education department and researcher in the research group Youth and Development of The Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. Dr. Hogenes gave the speech in ""Our Creative Brain: Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes for the 21th Century."" He suggested that art is everywhere and can be many different styles, such as music, drama, dance, painting, and media education, etc. He also stressed that cultural heritage can be the important resources of art inspiration and art education. 
Madame Fonda Anggara Gautama is the Principal of Dharma Suci Preschool & Kindergarten in Indonesia. She gave the speech on ""The Development of Creative and Cultural Education to Young Learners in Indonesia."" She shared the experience of how to integrate local culture and art into education in kindergarten.
Researchers and educators in Taiwan also presented various topics about art education, including drama, music education, new curriculum and instruction, etc. Participants and students got valuable inspiration and had great interaction in the conference.