Long-term parenting support to the nursery and mother inmates at Taichung Women’s Prison

  • 2016-11-21
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Professors and students provide long-term parenting support to the nursery and mother inmates at Taichung Women’s Prison


The professional team of Department of Early Childhood Education has provided a long- term service of parenting support for 8 years to assist the female inmates at Taichung Women’s Prison. Professors and students of our department provided the service not only for improving the parenting skills of mother inmates to take care of their children under age of 3 but also improving child development for those young children who live with their mothers in prison.

This service was reported and the professors and students were interviewed in the TV program of TVBS channel in Taiwan. Great positive feedback was found after broadcasting. Associate Professor Fang-Hua Hsiao, Assistant Professor Ni-Yen Lin and 3- 4 students visited the nursery room regularly once per week. Students provided various activities under professors’ guidance to improve child’s learning and development, such as story- telling, dancing, or singing along. Young children can receive multicultural input through different teaching and learning activities. Mother inmates can also improve their parenting concept and skill while attending activities with their children.
Students also got valuable inspiration through joining this parenting service. They can apply the knowledge into practice, learn how to interact with children, provide caring service to the at-risk population or minorities, give positive and warm feedback to establish child’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Students cherished and appreciated the experience with children and wish they can bring beautiful memories to these children.