Mei-Hsiu Chuo
Status Full-Time Faculty
Name Mei-Hsiu Chuo
Job title Assistant Professor
Office M601-A
Extention number 1954
Ph. D.
Family Science and Child Development
Texas Woman's University
1. Child Development,
2. Parental Involvement,
3. Early Literacy Skill
4. Youth Health and Care
Office Hours Friday, 8:00-12:00
Year Paper Title
2019 Mei Hsiu, Innovation Drama Teaching of “New Pinocchio” in Chinese Language Learning: Action Research, Parole: Journal of Linguistics and Education, vol.9 no.1 pp.24-30
Date of Publication Paper Title
2021.06 卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo)、林妮燕(Ni-Yen Lin), Cross, Cultural Differences to Implement the Social Practice Research of College Students' Overseas Volunteer Work - Global Conference on Education and Research Editorial, 美國
2021.06 卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo)、林妮燕(Ni-Yen Lin), Research on the integration of Project, Based Learning of innovative teaching methods into the curriculum of creative teaching aid design - Global Conference on Education and Research Editorial, 美國
2020.11 卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo)、黃羿文、王婕?, 跨越文化差異落實大學生海外志工之社會實踐研究 , 2020人文社會實踐及弱勢倡導關懷國際研討會, 台中市
2019.05 卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo)、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、林妮燕(Ni-Yen Lin), Story Theater of “New Pinocchio” in Chinese Language Learning – An Action Research , Global Conference on Education and Research Editorial, 美國
2019.05 羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、林妮燕(Ni-Yen Lin)、卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo), Together and Better: How a family Went Through Education Stages With Three Children With ADD, ADHD, and Learning Disabilities , Global Conference on Education and Research Editorial, 美國
2019.05 孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、Artaria, M.D.、Titiek Hidayati、卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo)、陳貽照(Yi-Chao Chen)、Shen-Kwang Lee, THE INFLUENCES OF AGE STEREOTYPE ON SELF, PERCEIVED HEALTH AMONG ELDERLY PEOPLE IN TAIWAN SAMPLE - Global Conference on Education and Research Editorial, 美國
2018.04 卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo), An investigation on relationships among teacher, student relationships and students’ learning experience by adopting counseling techniques in university context. - The Global conference on education and research, TAIWAN
2017.05 卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo)、陳昇飛(Shen-Fei Chen), PARENTAL?INVOLVEMENT?OF?ASIAN?AMERICAN?PRESCHOOL?CHILDREN , Global Conference on Education and Research (GLOCER), 美國
2017.03 卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo)、徐綺蓮、谷家欣、郭芷宣, 幼兒美感教育之旅, 以印尼雅加達太平學校為例 - 2017年「美感從幼起─幼兒藝術教育的多元實踐」─幼兒美感藝術教育國際學術研, 台灣台中
2015.10 卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo), 家長參與幼兒讀寫能力教養工作的重要性 , 「父母如何協助幼兒培養優良的基本學力素養」學術研討會, 台灣台中
Project Title Participator Period
創新教學法之專題導向學習融入創意教具課程之研究 卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo) 2019.08 ~ 2020.07
105年度台中市托育資源中心 (20160711151244) 陳昇飛(Shen-Fei Chen)、卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo)、盧美貴(MEI-KUEI LU) 2016.02 ~ 2018.01
105年度補助師培之大學落實教育實習輔導工作實施計畫 (20160628082544) 卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo) 2016.02 ~ 2017.01
經濟弱勢學生學習成效與獎助學金資源投入之分析 (20160628233750) 林靜慧(Ching-Hui Lin)、卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo) 2015.10 ~ 2016.02
104年度補助師培之大學落實教育實習輔導工作實施計畫 (20160628082944) 卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo) 2015.02 ~ 2016.01
哥倫比亞卓越幼教師培訓計畫 (20160711145122) 卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo) 2015.01 ~ 2016.01
台中市坪林托嬰暨托育資源中心 (20160711145711) 陳昇飛(Shen-Fei Chen)、卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo) 2015.01 ~ 2016.12
台中市托育資源中心 (20150501002017) 陳昇飛(Shen-Fei Chen)、蕭芳華(Fang-Hua Hsiao)、卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo) 2015.01 ~ 2015.12
Award Name Awarding Unit
TOP MAKER 大專生創業實戰平台- 一卡樂 教育部
TOP MAKER 大專生創業實戰平台- 潘朵拉的盒子 教育部
106學年度院級傑出教學獎 請選擇
107學年度創新教學獎 本校
107學年度教學傑出獎 本校
2014年全國幼兒科學暨創意教具競賽 大仁科大
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 43U00316A 幼兒園教保實習(II) 110
大學日間部 43U00250C 幼兒健康與安全 110
大學日間部 43U00250B 幼兒健康與安全 110
大學日間部 43U00250A 幼兒健康與安全 110
Year Project name Advising professor Department Student name
108 運用家鄉文化融入國小輔助教材設計之研究──以台中霧峰光復國小為例 卓美秀 幼教系 黃田雅
107 建構培養幼兒性別意識核心素養和學習方向 卓美秀 幼兒教育學系 吳怡璇